About Kiima ACE

Who We Are

Kiima Ace is a membership based organization registered as a cooperative under the cooperatives law. It was founded in July 2016. The organization is mandated to mobilize and organize farmers in Kasese District for improved access to bulking services, market information access and marketing of members produce.

The organization is based in Kasese Town council; Kasese District in Western Uganda.it has membership from all the sub-couties of the district who are mainly subsistence small holders producers of both seasonal and perennial crops, animal husbandry and apiary..


Over the years the ACE has been given support to from and strengthen small grass root groups, build their capacities, troin and demonstrate improved farming practices and technologies, assist farmers access micro-finance services and link them to markets for their produce.


Our Vision

A vibrant self-sustaining institution with capacity to bulk and market members produce.

Our Mission

Improving livelihoods of small house holder farmers through agricultural production, bulking and marketing

Our Business Goal

To provide farmers with Pre and post-harvest handling services, value addition, bulking and profitable marketing of members produce.

Our Core Values

• Transparency
• Team work
• Unity
• Creativity & innovation
• Integrity.


The area cooperative enterprise will focus on the following strategic areas during the period under review;-
• Registration as Area cooperative enterprise.
• Mobilization of internal and external resources for establishing permanent office premises for the ACE.
• Recruitment and employment of technical staff to facilitate the day -today operations of the organization.
• Strengthening of existing RPO's in governance, record keeping and resource Mobilization.
• Construction of permanent storage facilities for collective bulking and marketing.
• Procurement and acquisition of ICT equipments.


• To unite and harness all farmers in Kasese District engaged in agricultural and agribusiness enterprises.
• To organize rural producer Organizations (RPO's) through trainings and capacity building.
• To undertake and promote collective bulking and marketing of coffee, beans, maize and cotton thus enabling the sustainability of the ACE.
• To start and promote climate smart agriculture that ensures protection of the environment..
• To promote and develop appropriate technologies for ago-processing of farmers produce.
• To harness the abundant water resource in the District developing mini-irrigation systems to avert dependence on rain-fed agriculture.
• To provide relevant services to the members and RPO's through promotion of usage of lmproved seed, and value addition.
• To provide financial literacy and linkages to micro finance service providers aimed at strengthening members business enterprises.
• To promote, encourage and develop a diversified agro-business involving a variety of crops and livestock production in the District at the end.
• To develop modern agricultural methods for productivity and better yields in the District.
• To identify areas, which require innovations and adoptions, research and improvements, and to research in such areas for improvement of our farming methods. crops, livestock and agro-related industries in the District.


Kiima ACE is mandated to unite and organize all farmers in Kasese District engaged in agricultural and agri-business sector with a view to promote, encourage and coordinate their activities as a representative body to meet their desired needs.